Sunday, 2 June 2002

Outtakes: March, April and May 2002

March April and May 2002

No, Walmart was upset at me and wouldn't develop the pictures. I've got to get a polaroid.

Don't underestimate the power of the 133+ side.

"It wouldn't make sense, for a midget riding a golden retriever, armed with drool and a short bow to be able to keep pace with a rip-roaring marine motorcycle, now would it?"

"baby, let me cleanse you from your fleshly desires!"

New Marine Motto: "Live for the Emperor, Die with a smile on your face."

Using RGMW consistency the commander would be Old Bear and on turn 3 replaced with John Hwang.

"Abraham Lincoln got married, and look what happened to him! Ok, so maybe there were some other factors involved..."

Sleep is an inadequate substitute for enough caffeine.

Hardcore assbeating? I know I'm new at this but isn't that like a DA mission objective?

"He Who Impersonates Little Girls And Whose _Dad_ Thinks He's a Navy Seal While Wanking To Home-brewed Tactica Articles".

I am NOT wearing purple gloves with red shoulder pads. The fashion police would take away my gay license.

Ghandi's had more sex than me.

No shit? I already asked Erik if this is him, and mysteriously circumventing his infallible killfile, quoth the Floridiot: No.

This guy is certainly the dude of the retards.

I keep wondering why being call a pile of sticks used for kindling is an insult.

I would suggest that responsible people in charge of their own destinies know exactly what happens when you go projecting negative energy into the Universe. I'd also suggest to you that just because some doesn't go around claiming to be a witch, it doesn't mean that they're not perfectly capable of exerting as much power in the psychic\spiritual realm as they are in the material. I'd remind you that "occult" [basically] means hidden, and occult power would be passed down through the generations based on temperament and ability. What I would point out is that silly women that scream to the world that they are witches - are most definately not.

I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

Wicca: religion followed by the pathetic limpwristed wannabe witches that get served as snacks at black metal concerts...

maybe they will get together, have lesbian sex while i hit them with my "projected issues"...

Each of you personalities really should keep each other informed as to what the others are doing

I am Jack's excessive tact.

I hear the Necrons battle-cry is "KA-CHING!"

Seriously is this some kind of inside joke? I have done NOTHING idiotic!

Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Just another average Sunday afternoon in the Setzer household.

I understand that exactly. I prefer women, but when I'm bored just about anything will do. My standards go as follows (high numbers represent higher degrees of boredom): 1. Attractive women, 2. Ugly or fat women 3. Ugly and fat women, 4. Attractive men, 5. Ugly or fat men, 6. Ugly and fat men, 7. Animals, 8. You don't want to know

" rules wise you can either ignore them on the rank and file models or pretend the purity seals are really dog show ribbons. Though I'm not really sure what the rules are for having the Best In Show upgrade..."

BTW, given the usual content on this NG I'm a bit surprised that no one responded with some sort of leg-humping/ass-sniffing comment.

We only use inhuman brutality when it's comically appropriate.

Poisoning the enemy's water supply by throwing a rotten corpse into a well is illegal. I guess it applies here, too.

I think I'll write some rules of my own and start carving Space Marines out of soap.

And in Erikland everyone gets anally pleasured.

trooper: Sir when are the Newbies going to get here? Sgt: Bugger the Newbies, we don't need them... trooper: they are being led by VS Gaskins sir! Sgt: well that takes care of the Buggery anyway...

I don't see how Human Waste Management could be considered an insult when I'm talking about joining Human Resources. I'm just trying to decide which is a dirtier job

If you were vegan, you would have to spit...

A scalpel? That's not in my wanking manual, maybe you have the special extended edition on "Masturbation for Sadists".

You're not the real Bill Shatner, he'd have paused at least twice in that sentence more like Squat...on *this*, you... bitch!

I bet it is hard though, to be an annoyance. Wherever you go, people laugh at you, ridicule your fowl stench and talk about you behind your back. To have women laugh at the sight of your small penis, and then try and feel better about yourself by coming into a newsgroup and taking it out on others is simply pathetic.

"Wearing bright-red armour on a desert planet or bright blue armour on an ice planet or yellow armour in a jungle, proclaims louder than any words: 'Here I am, I have half the brains of a mango, come and get me!'"