Friday, 2 July 2004

Outtakes: June 2004

-How often do you see Officers working on Drills. Maybe if their was
an "Officers Club" doctrine, or a "Bang the Nurses" doctrine the Jr.
Officers would gain more abilities. But for close in fighting, I think
it is great that Jr. Officers don't get any bonus.

No, the blame for the problems in the Arab nations can pretty much be
Erik took a wrong turn at Turkey.
He knows now that he shouldn't have taken that left at Alber-Turkey.

"We are the Bowles. Arguing is futile."

Damn, I should probably have read your whole post before going off...
`sokay. I'm well aware that I'm ranking a little above Erik in this thread.

...and just where in the hell did you find my early figures? I thought I had
them all destroyed!
They were wrapped in a piece of papyrus. It showed an artists impression of
you with Ramses III.

Warning label? We don' need no steenkin'' warning label! This is RGMW
towels to cover your keyboard are a mandatory item before reading anything
This is where being a Muslim is a positive asset...

I wasn't going for cogent... You think I'm cable of cogent? This is IR.
Cogent you might as well tell King Kong to stop eating banana

There is only one "d" in Phredammit
He said he only likes double d's on his women...

You moron! The beryllium sphere was damaged.
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