Sunday, 1 January 2006

Outtakes: 2005

>I've always considered you my large hairy growth :)

I'm getting better in my old age.

>The general rule of thumb is that if a particular rule is clearly defined

in the rulebook, Necrons will be able to ignore it with some lame wargear
item or ugly floating pyramid or big floaty cloaked man or something.

>Nothing is less appealing to a potential customer than

the sight of two nerds having an argument as to whether Zog the
Mighty died eating a sandwich or a muffin.

>If "other" includes "self" then I suspect many of the people who've

answered are fibbing.

>You're a musical instrument?
>Thought I was tagged.

You were tagged at birth before being released you into the wild. There's a

homing device hidden on you somewhere but I'm not saying where.

>I now limit myself to two cups of very good espresso per day. Otherwise I

get jumpy.

Yeah me too, finding those 10 pint steins from germany really helped

>The really really sad thing is, at the mo if I said I was in a porn

shop looking at wargames terrain....

They would bloody believe me!

> Lord of the G-Strings: The Tickle Towers

Codex: Clitty Fight
Whoreslammer Fantasy Prattle
It's all "research material" for my Slaaneshi army. Yeah, that's it.

I got a Brettonian Tickler, made her like the Lady of the Lake hur hur

Seen the ribbing on that vibro-cannon? No wonder they're called Howling

>Not even Tony Blair supports Tubman.

Shame it's not funny enough to be a stand-alone out-take.

> nah, the eighties weren't so bad, I met my wife in on second

thought your right...

> I kind of like the '80s, they did give me to the world.
>I think that sort of proves Robs whole point though...

One person made a victims of his children and the person was/is Robert
Singers. on the other hand, his kids will probably be able to spell
"victims" by
the time they leave school.

>what they say about assuming things...

Nobody makes an ass out of Ming!

> I dont wear socks, sandals and au natural for me, man.

I bet you do wear socks with your sandels and walk shorts. Lovely tan
high socks.

It's obvious he doesn't wear underwear - being a complete dickhead, he
wouldn't be able to see where he was going...

>"If the power glove don't fit, you must acquit!"-Inquisitor Kochran
>I dont know what youre talking about.. Tell you what, ask me a

question only this Jimi would know the answer to - If I dont give you
the correct answer, then you'll know I'm not him

>Well, Ian spend a couple grand on GW, right up until Paul Sawyer told

him he was in the wrong hobby... ;-)

> Given that we've not seen much of Ian lately, perhaps he *was* in the

wrong hobby, after all.

Been kind of busy...

Sculpting models of Skinnies in the dark?

>I've read the bible It seems to be a large book with too many authors, bad

editing, and every so often the idiot who thinks he's in charge decides to
revise the damned thing, thereby forcing everybody who's been using it to
re-think the last few years of their lives. Now that I've written this out
something seems awful familiar.

>"Marneus honey? Do these power armor pants make my axe look big?"
>Tyranids vs Imperial Guard, Night Fight - Pregame set-up

Nid Player: Your guys'd be sweating bullets!
Blind, yet still hearing my horde approach.

IG Player: They'd curse the fact there isn't a
41st century lasgun with attached flashlight.

NP: There's a lasgun like that.
IGP: Really? What's it called?
NP: "Twin-linked".
IGP: . . .

>I wrot it fonetically.

Mofo' don't make me get all ebonics on yo ass!

Why not, watching the whitest man in the world try could be amusing.

>I wrote better than that I was 12.

Although apparently I don't any more!

>They're terrible. It's either pure suckage - or total cheese with

the Nids, nothing in between. You'll probably turn into a bitter old
beard playing the Nids, condemned to wandering the shop aisles muttering
"I've been Gayed!" or "Why won't anyone play me?"

> I have several access to a fairly good amount of 1/8"(to 3/16")x 2" ceder

Shouldn't the subject of this thread be "I've got wood!"?

>For it is written, "if your god be small, study the gospels of saint

and lo it shall increase in size twofold..."

>Hey Craig, It's not easy filling Williams' shoes.

Valera tried, but didn't last too long before the blinders fell off.

>Ah, RGMW in May.

Jim's taking up Spelling-Nazism.

Craig's up in arms about netiquette.

Myrmidon's saving up for a *really stupendous* flame.

Erik's keeping a low profile. Shhh . . .

Singers is dabbling in Grammar-Nazism

Al's . . . well, Al. God bless you, you sick bastard.

Now all it lacks is that one Hillbilly fellow. What was his name?

Frog, or something like that? He was nice. I miss him.

Keep up the good work, people. And let's be careful out there.

>this thread is just awesome, in a "please kill me" kind of way.
>/me has had too many dice obsessed GMs.
>AH! The difference between a "ROLL Playing" and a "Role Playing" game...
>The real question is why can't he distinguish between England and

New Zealand? I realize they're both islands, but after that the
similarities start to drop off rather rapidly... (One is covered in
Englishmen, the other in Hobbits. Only time will tell us which is the
more horrible fate. ;)

>Jim wasn't around before dirt, he only showed up after they invented smut.

No, I think I was already there when you first arrived...

>If Piccard was captain he'd try farting some plasma out the

back of his ship and say something like "anomalous 47%
taco-yon efficiency" and the Empire Commander would be like
"wtf?" and then blow the crap out of the Enterprise. But
then a Borg cube ship would show up and fall in love with
the Death Star and they would get married and have little
12-sided dodecahedron children.

>phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbrt! ;p


I think we just witnessed internet sex...

>Hell! If you can make them go through a maze why not a dropship. BTW, they

would leave enough "droppings" to really call it a drop ship.

Or a Drop Shit perhaps ????

> Shouldn't that be "somemightadunnit"?

I think you invented a fantastic new word to describe CSI.

Yeah, but "Shit" is just as accurate and faster to type.

>Wow, there are stupid sellers...

45 E-Books On 1 DVD"

>"[OT] Why does Singers have a bug up his ass today?"

"[OT] Shut up Coble, Americans all suck"
"[OT] Fuck you and fuck NZ anyway you useless backwater shitheel"
"[OT] No, fuck you, dumbass American"

You've read this news group before, haven't you! And tonight -
the part of Justin Gaskins! will be played by Kenneth Coble. With Rob
Singers starring as 'Big Al'.

>I'd kinda figured that might be the case. Hugsluttery is a wonderful


>Ha! I'm not worried about Mad Cow disease. I'm a helicopter.
>Maybe you should start a new thread with the subject When is it appropriate
>to sodomise newsgroup members?
> However, let us recall the bravery with which Saddam Hussein surrendered
> (despite his lurid exhortations). I kinda like the ferocious Khalid Sheik,
> aka "Mr. Bedhead",

who was docile as he was dragged out of his home in a bedshirt.

> You really think George or Tony would be out in the street firing off
> their

last pistol rounds at a tank, do you?

You know, I wouldn't be surprised.

>America is the land of the free. Sadly, plenty of people here have

freely chosen to be morons.

>I'll bet it doesn't say you can douse strangers in it either

And, for your info, "condemned to the games" is the English translation
of an ancient gladiatorial phrase (I think the original Latin reads
"reprobo ut venatus"). What could be a better description of a
hardcore-wargamer such as myself? ;-)

> Probably "I need a Bath" if the NGs expereince with the "hardcore" gamer
> is

anything to go by.

>*THE* Old Bear? You flatter me. Seriously though, yep, it's me. I

don't have the imagination to run two nicknames...;>)

Apart from "Bastard".

>Even a stopped cock is right twice a day...
>look at your catalog, if the model is decent looking and not a blatant

attamept to market to the children, it's either discontinued, or will
be shortly.

>I think the devil rejected the Crisis suit design too.
>I've been doing the same as you: Priming everything I have in prep for the

cold, cold nights ahead (it can get down to 59 degrees out here...)

> This one thinks I dominate this news group with some form of mind control.

Mind control? Don't be absurd. Everybody knows these aren't the droids
we're looking for.

>My tinfoil beanie put a stop to Rob's evil BWAIN POWERZ (tm) !!!
>Does anyone have the specs for an Orc Squiggoth.?

Yeah I pocketed them while he wasn't looking and now he's pretty pissed off
about it. Squinting and bumping into things as he doesn't have a replacement
pair. Should have gone to specsavers....

>I don't like losing hi-cost marines to their own shooting, so I prefer two


Hey, now there's a surprise! 'Flaming prefered two to one on RGMW.'

>Ah! So Dark Angels wear dresses because space wolves can hear zippers?
> You mean this ISN'T a bondage group? I thought RGMW meant Roping Gay Men
> Wanking...

It was known as Really Gay Man Whores amongst my old gaming group.

I'll compromise, how about Roping Gay Man Whores...

>"Spooge driver not found. Verify that DirectX is installed."
>I can't believe 3 of you are fighting over me. I'm not sure whether to be

flattered or worried ...

flattered or worried, what I would be is running............

>The price of freedom is eternal vigilance ;-)
>But then again we're all Island boys over here anyway ;-)

Island boy....whatcha wantin' wid da merkins' ball?

I would really love to know what a 'spooge' driver is.

> I am *so* not touching that straight line.

Actually, it usually arcs.

>I've always wondered. Do you sort of lurk behind the trolley and when

one asks for chocolate mud cake you leap out hurling individual brulees
screaming "put that cake down lardy"?

If you do that's almost my recipie for the perfect relaity TV show. Fat
fuckers dropping dead into their cakes, after being all made to live
together and compete on stage in naff teen ager clothes.

>It's one of RGMW's favourite words too. According to Google it has

occurred in 11700 RGMW posts...

Horribly enough, it's only mentioned about 1/8 of the number of times
"Setzer" has been. I feel so... used.

Take it up with your dad.

>I don't know about feasibility, but it seems entirely appropriate that a

Nurgle force should have crabs!

>And where did I make that assumption? Point it out in what I wrote.

i think it already vanished into your colon

>I think it should be called 'And they shall know no second turn'
>They smear the players in jam and roll them together?

Jam? To much like 'health food' for pasty gamer geeks. Knowing
the fan-boys, it's probably used 'Bacon Butties' grease saved up from a
certain 'You might be in the wrong hobby' GW editor...

>I find it enormously amusing that someone using the nym Vaseline posts to

an Elder thread.

>If Mr Bowles answers this, without having to look it up I shall be afraid,

very afraid......

>why are his genitals armored and not the rest of him?

That's his undying spirit?

> Doesn't anyone use liner brushes and paint anymore???

Paint? I use nano-bots for all my modeling needs. Just dab a few on the
mini and they'll rearrange the metal or plastic on the molecular level to
appear whatever color you want. Only bad thing is if you get them on your
hands they'll burrow into your skin, ride your blood stream to your head,
and start rearranging bwain cellz ab dobbing ather 11010 xz 1001 gah
10110101000000101000 ... *blip*

> Yes, they rearrange your brain in such a way that you suddenly
> realize

that GW prices are more than reasonable, thier brushes are of *great*
quality and that you enjoy buying new minis to replace the old ones from

your army that was only released a few years ago!

I allways wondered what 'ardcoat was made out of.....
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