Sunday, 2 April 2006

Outtakes: March 2006

we need to go back to scaring the living shit out of Fat Bloke....

If 40K were a produce section, the Organic section would be very small


There's a small but vocal group within the imperium that advocates the

teaching of Incompetent Design theory for any race that had a codex

written by Gav.

"Mr One's more like a urinal puck - something that gets pissed on when

it's around, but isn't really needed or missed when it's gone."

and I greet him with, "Is that a servo-arm in your pocket, or are you

just happy to see me?"

/>... the answer was? :)

Is 'push my forehead button' the ork equivalent of 'pull my finger?'

I can't brain today. I have the dumb.

So...does anybody know if there are any lady necrons? The codex doesn't

say. Some of the models look kinda cute so I was just wondering...

I hate it when a worthless thread degenerates into a semi-useful

discussion. Never again!

You forgot to compare him to Hitler and say that he lived in his mom's


/> C'mon... You're new to this Usenet thingy, aren't you?
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