Monday, 2 August 1999

Outtakes: Archive 2

RGMW Outtakes Archive 2

{I started this thread, so it's bloody well going to include some dancing girls -got it!}

Bugger me, teaching egotism and arrogance to a Frenchman. The world really is going to end...

P. S. The above is derived from an original work by God. All comments and queries can be directed to him at

Brixton will feel the wrath of my water pistol.

And once again Alister successfully fends off all the competition to walk off with the prize for Innuendo-Spotting (Easy Level)..

-[deleted], whose thoughts and ideas are solely his own and do not, in any way, reflect those of Jefferson Lab or its staff. Unless of course there is any money to made off those ideas, in which case the lab says: "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Oh, so you don't post flames? Where can I get rose tinted glasses like yours?

[deleted] will fit in well here. He has a brain, doesn't post stupid opinions, make inflammatory remarks he can't back up, brag of proof he can't back up, isn't universally hated by the entire NG, and probably wouldn't need surgical assistance to have his head removed from his arse.

This bloody well better not end up in the outtakes unless you include the words BIG PENIS.

Cf Setzer/Tubman flamewars of '99, the 32nd occasion Mr Setzer Jr posted for the last time.

And here I was imagining people with an Octopus Complex.

So you use the Dark side to enhance your ability to run like a sissy girl? Intriguing.

"Rob a dub, dub, Three men in a Rob, and what would those three men be. The faggot, the Setzer, the web-address-faker, ugly bastards all three."

I will post in HTML if I want to. It is in my newsgroup reader, so that means that Usenet must not have any rules against it, otherwise the option wouldn't be there.

Orange dreadlocked beards and uncomfortable body modification is pretty much the going rate in the gamer scene.

You can see clearly now your brain has gone?

Any random mention of giant lizards, games featuring well endowed women, etc. are the property of their respective companies, cartels, etc.

...The Daemon formerly known as Prince?

I wish I was a test tube baby. There would have been much more to see during that first nine months.

If I didn't think you worshipped the very ground I walked on, I'd say you were taking the piss.

Exactly _HOW_ do testicles help someone to commit an act of murder?

This FAQ was not stolen from the Realm of Inisfail.

I just hope they call at a decent hour this time - and A.M. is not decent.

I've got positive proof that you're a Ugandan transvestite, but I'm not posting it either.

If you would like to order Alister's self enjoyment manual, Coming to Grips With Myself, or I Choked the Chicken, But I Did Not Choke the Deputy, call 01-02-555-GROPE-ME.

Ignoring the fluff is like sleeping with your cousin!

The regulars here possess some marvelous, godlike qualities, that allows them to belittle and insult other members of the internet community, without fear of retaliation.


I thought you preferred the more politically correct terms like faggot.

Fear us, for you never know when we will become bored enough to come after you.

Of course, you can always just blame all this on rgmw being a bunch of whiny beards, who aren't serious gamers anyway. It's always worked for everyone else when they disagree with us.

I'm happy to leave wars out of it, but you had to mention Vietnam...

This NG isn't just a group of waistrels and worthless nothings. At the very least, the same level of waistrels and worthless nothings that haunt the mailing list.

This guy has personally attacked one of us and that right is reserved for the members of the NG only.

One was a stupid, smug, tall idiot(sort of like Big Al, but smartly dressed, and non-deviant), and a small idiotic, incredibly thick person who follows him around(like Little Al).

It's not medicine, it's magic pixie dust. From Colombia.

You're just jealous, Mr "I Wish I Lived In A Real Country"

It's Cambodian. It was specially translated by a team of Latvian chimpanzees into Swahili, and then read out by parrots with Down's syndrome. By a happy coincidence, it sounded like Australian acting.

What else do you need in life? I think the outtakes hold the secret to everything.

I personally found that to have female player, you have to find a group of them and first induce them alone.

Taking drugs and reading Stephen Hawking is good. Not taking drugs and reading Stephen Hawking is bad.

You actually replied with an informative post. Are you feeling ok?

I think you have repressed feelings toward your mother. You want to have sex with her and kill you father. My advice is to drink heavily and begin using cocaine. It worked for me.

I enjoyed it. Baz, eat someone else. Er, only not me.

No, I'm a musician; I can count to 5.

Please don't say I remember something from Star Trek.

I'd trade my left penis to be normal.

*insert comment without any real content here to continue the thread*

Then it stops because I can't think of a worse insult than American.

I have yet to know of a single Californian that knows of the world outside of the San Fernando valley.... "Germans? Aren't they, like, those guys who lived long ago?"

Nothing more warming to a father's heart than to hear his little princess scream out: "HA HA! I'm Berzerk! DEATHBLOW! Kill the Gobbos! Die you little green savages!"

That's ok, I'm still waiting for the Blood Patch for Xtreme Barbie Lipstick Assault...

No wonder I am an atheist. I cannot blindly follow anything.

The newsgroup's own Fluff Nazi League... er, sorry, Fluff People's Collective, or whatever they are calling themselves now,

Just because it's on Usenet doesn't mean it's a personal attack.

He has a lot on his mind, and we all know that's never been a load- bearing structure at the best of times.

Does that mean I have had my heterosexuality confirmed by being omitted from your address book? Seems like a rather odd way to do it really.

Ghetto style: finding six of your friends to help you roll a pensioner because you're all too pissweak to manage it on your own. Even with guns.

You use a spell-checker? Ewww, that's a real turn-off, you know.

RGMW. Come in peace, stay in peace, leave in peace. Otherwise leave in pieces.

oh, and i never use caps either. this has no relevance on this subject. i just felt like pointing that out. so there.

Is that a word? And if it is, I bet I spelt it wrong...

America didn't lose the vietnam war.

I died. Which sort of means I don't get to post as much now.

I don't know if it's the blessing, but Gin & Holy Water is fab!

I just checked. I'm still not from Iowa.

He was also rendered deaf in one ear by a practical joke involving a US artillery piece

I've got a Get Out Of Unwanted Situations Free card.

If it looks like a Troll, smells like a Troll, and says something really fucking dumb, then it's probably a Troll.

I mean, imagine it. A sexually ambiguous redneck with access to almost unlimited supplies of booze. It's too scary for words.

Bugger off. I've read funnier things in the Watchtower.

Your witty comebacks lack...wit.

You had better know the quote or I'm taking away your gay license.

I order you not to flame anyone for at least one week. Is that clear? Not for one week, even if Alec Peters comes back to announce his engagement to his new life partner ROB.

If your mind was any narrower, the local council would be proposing plans for a bypass.

Just how does one "run like fuck"? Does it involve a lot of stickiness?

OK, that means I get to try and rape myself.

The server was down for a short while on Monday. (i.e. until I came in on Tuesday morning and rebooted it.)

Now look here, you arrogant little toerag, I happen to be a step-child bastard and I will *not* tolerate being compared to WebTV!

I still want to see Hollywood Hogan run for Prez, and then get it. Then you'd all truly get what you deserve.

Hello, I'd like to say welcome to the group and please die in hell.

I know it's kind of unorthodox and untraditional and all that, but what the hell - here's a sensible reply.

You're beginning to sound just like Evil Homer. I've yet to decide whether this is a good or a bad thing.

You'll learn. Think of this group like prison. You only get respect if you flame someone or become someone's bitch.

Well, to be fair, if GW *hadn't* started making things up out of their arses all those years ago, this NG wouldn't even exist.

Oh yeah, and the Pope is a black jewish lesbian prostitute from Singapore.

God dammit! Stop trying to turn me on! A female gamer that can program?

I am *not* a prostitute. Not a professional one, anyway.

Doesn't sound any different to any of the newspapers printed here. My grandmother could proofread better, and she's dead. Except that they tend to be more of the idiot header variety like "Gays caught in back passage - Police probe uncovers sex ring".

Is this an private insult-fest, or can anyone join?

#| <-- Jimi's hash pipe

Why do all of my great days now seem to revolve around being allowed to sleep past 9am?

And kids, don't forget to check out beer once you turn 14. In only four years time you can drink it legally!

IIRC, the French tend to surrender as soon as they find out that the other side owns guns.

Sorry, you're wrong there. This *is* my own personal newsgroup, and you can all lick my boots like the grovelling scum that you are.

Erm... I think you're confusing your career as an evil supervillain with that of a psychologist.

I read every message of every thread that does not involve homo/pedi/besti/Bazi-rotica.

[followed by the most gigantic snip since Gargantua's circumcision]

I thought we told you before - no summoning Elder Gods to usenet. It hogs too much bandwidth...

ObDisclaimer: I am not a smoker. I am, however, an asshole.

It's the mysterious Area 51 of the GW world. It's exact location is a mystery, as are the activities carried out there. Although GW personnel at the base have categorically denied that they have the captured, cryogenically frozen bodies of several Squats in a hidden underground bunker.

And after the spanking, the... I think I'll wait for the chicks to show up.

Just wondering... considering the way that you did this (along with your apologizing in the second post) when you sit down at a table in a resturaunt do you request two plates? One for each face?

This is bizzare, gay pirate hackers... You could make a movie out of this.

Just to earn it's tag, this post will now mention the word fellatio. Thank you.

Warhammer Quest. Definitely the wrong group - we only do homoerotica and Alladvantage spam here I'm afraid...

And that was a menacing "F*ck with me and you're going to regret it" kind of heh, just in case you didn't notice...

Finally, has anyone seen or heard anything from Tom Beliech or Jonas "Originator of the constantly changing sig on RGMW" Whitespore (AKA Crazy Eddie the Fourth) around lately? Tom was supposed to visit eventually (probably Gen Con 2000 at this point) and Jonas owes me $9.

No offence taken, but i dont think it has anything to do with brain power anyway, just the length of the shaft.

Apparently I'm being either fellated or stalked. Maybe both. With those qualifications, I could be President!

Reality is a long, horrible, on-topic post. And everyone knows on-topic posts don't exist.

We don't get many trolls here - well, we do, but call them regulars.

Ahhh, this is much better. Personally, I have no idea WTF my IQ is or even what it means, so I think I'll brag about my dick too. I can also brag about my arse, so this thread definitely has some potential. Would anyone like to join the discussion?

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