Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Outtakes: March 2007

it's more like a vast carpet of wet shit-cement. I've never known
poultry to crap in anything so tidy as a pile.

I'm just surprised that you've known poultry.

And people wonder why RGMW has such a fowl reputation!

True, but by RGMW standards thats just chickenfeed........

What a chickenshit comment to make...

You bunch of turkeys.

Surely they'd be worth a guinea or two?

Oh! That answer is down right Cornish!

*sigh* it was only a bit of friendly bantam

That is just egging us on you know.

think the thread needed a crop.

Oh, damn. Is it emu or me? Oh, the talons that we sew.

These are getting hard to sustain now. That one was a bit too much of

I did quail at the sight of that one...but chose not to stick my beak in
at that point.

The animal pun threads are some of the worst. It's like Monty Python
writing the syllabus for a zoology class. The worst part of it is,
one group's crowing on about it, while the other is circling the
thread waiting to descend like a pack of vultures. All these bird
puns are getting quite peckish.

Wait a minute...
Isn't one pun thread enough at a time? Oh, the huge manatee!

i'm not quoting one of the ginormous posts in this latest exchange,
but I just wanted to say that if there had been a bit more cursing, a
"go boil your head" and some pyronecrobestiality, you two would have
completely proven that this NG still has that old spark.

He's probably a Space Wolf scout, they like to come at you from behind.

My eyes!

My brain!

My sense of humor!!!!!!

I must hate you now.

I know the reality from my end.

You forgot to compare him to Hitler and say that he lived in his mom's

C'mon... You're new to this Usenet thingy, aren't you?

1st player: "What are these?" [picks up orc mini]
2nd player: "Street grade orcs."

1st player: "KEWL! Where did you get them?"
2nd player: "Out of my ass."
1st player: "YAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" [drops mini and runs away]
2nd player: "Works everytime."
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