Friday, 2 August 2002

Outtakes: March-September 2002

March through September 2002

The poster with a Take No Prisoners attitude to music vs. the poster with a Takes No Braincells attitude to posting. This requires popcorn. So what, you're going to send DJ Wolfe over there? His "Take No Prisoners" approach to music is sure to have the Iraqis bleeding from the ears in no time.

You backpedal so much that I just have to unzip and not have to chase your furry arse down.

Sex crime victim flamebait troll is SUCH a turn on.

people laughed at him and said that he looked like hanson ... he was like all whatever .... but they didn't stop .... so he like went all f**k you ... they just kept laughing at him ... so then he went all like you're having a meltdown man ... and everyone still laughed at him ... he's now all like you wankers sux people are much nicer on and

Just because I choose not to involve myself, doesn't make it civilized.

You know you've had too much RGMW when you can covert Eriks to milliGAVs in your head

I've met people like Erik in RL. They function as an intelligence vacuum within about 5m making other people stupider. Get three of them together and your perception of space\time begins to distort.

FYI, it wasn't Sam who had the baby, it was his partner. Males don't have babies. That's why your neighbour's Pit Bull hasn't been able to get you pregnant.

That and the fact that such widely different species could never interbreed - the dog's far too highly-evolved.

That's just unadulterated cheese, I hope your using your gamer condom.

No, then I suggest you find another way humour yourself because all your doing right now is sucking my nuts.

Mr Oneinchdick is just peeved that Sam has evidently made love to a real woman, while he has no hope of having a physical relationship with a human female - at least not before decomposition has set in.

A Warhammer troll is a creature which is subject to stupidity and attacks by spewing forth its vomit. A Usenet troll is identical in both respects.

It's not like the clueless troll even knows there _is_ a book called the Lord of the Rings. Say "Tolkien" to him and he'll think it's a Swedish beer brand.

Sauron is a pansy. I could beat him with a box cutter. All you have to do is cut off one finger... :^)

For Blackie to get any result from a personality test would indicate that he has a personality...

Perhaps putting the implants in females caused some unbelievable disaster?

Shun the troll. It builds strong bones and teeth, giving you greater value in the white slave trade.

Well, I have assmbled and painted the Necron Monolith, placed it upon an altar, and am attempting to call forth Dagon. For some reason it isn't working.......(Flips through Unausprechlichen Kulten).....Damn! That's it, "One cup freshly diced Tuna"......

I hates him like I hates that evil mutherfucker of a baggins.

I'm not wearing jeans...those are varicous veins...

Can't you just see Erik sitting there in his dark smelly bed room that stinks of socks touching himself and muttering "I'll get that Jimi, I'll make him pay" while making a compilation page of every mean thing that anyone on RGMW has said about him. Meanwhile out in the kitchen his Brother in Law is saying to his "when is he going to get a job and move out on his own" and she's saying "You know what the counsellors said he's got severe disassociation problems, he can't help what Dad did to him".

"So, where is Sam these days?" (looks into a doorway where repeated screams of agony are issuing) "Looks like he's fucking the hell out of a troll..."

I don't know who you are but, you'd better bring the *real* St. Jason back so that we may ignore him properly!

Damn my wrist hurts now and I didnt even get to spooge!

My two cents. (damn we tip poorly)

My Living Ancestor (if my memory serves) will protect me...especially with his new poseable limbs.

WizKids makes GW look like Saints when it comes to concern for customers. Gav Thorpe could come up with better rules, and do a better background than the new stuff. Mike McVey at his worst would make better models. White Dwarf battle reports would be more interesting. GorkaDorka would be more interesting to play. old 3e codices have more background tnan what the Dork Ages starter sets make available. GW fanboys are even less pathetic than WizKids bootlickers. Dark Ages and Mage Knight are an example of everythign that can go wrong for the future of the gaming hobby--pursuit of short term profit with a 3 to 5 year disposable game, based on a fucking rip off collectible format that will repel anyone looking for a deeper game, and peddles to the short attention span goof balls that make the GW target market types look like elder statesmen of gaming burdended with years of wisdom.

"Someone set up me the bomb, crikey!" - Robot Steve Irwin

"Crikey folks, I'm gonna make a bonza fireball!" -Robot Steve Irwin #2

"It's all right, it's just a bit grumpy..." BOOM! - Robot Steve Irwin #3

"Watch me stick a bomb up me arse! Crikey that's gonna hurt" -- Robot Steve Irwin #4

It's too bad you don't take a no prisoners attitude towards snipping.

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! only not ours, please, guv? SKULLS FOR THE THRONE OF KHORNE! oh hell, as long as it ain't mine... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! i'm really feeling insecure about this "fighting" thing, so i brought along this plate mail. just in case. SKULLS FOR THE THRONE OF KHORNE! that way i won't get hurt, see? i don't want to get hurt! BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!

so.. you're saying that Setzer's family infests your crotch?

This is John "Smoking Gun" Hwang. He shoots first and talks about Eldar later.

Our money is printed on plastic. The idiot government ran a big advertising campaign when the paper notes were dropped for the plastic - as if they thought we could choose some other brand of money.

A Kirk minister? How do they pray, rip of their shirt and scream "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!"?

Well, that's what PR guys do, you know. What do you expect politicos to say-- "We're acting at the behest of the Great Dark One in our campaign to ravage the rectums of all those who oppose us."

You can't fucking shake a stick around here without hitting an Anthropoligist, can you?

Your Piss-poor haiku
Makes me want to hang myself.
you should do it first.

She told me to get a mistress, but only on the condition it doesn't inconvenience her. I still suspect that's actually a trap.

Charades by Usenet... *slaps wrist. Holds up three fingers*

Or... Okay... One word. Sounds like... (hucks a loogie on the ground) spit? Spit! Okay, sounds like spit.... What is he doing now. Wiping his ass?

Yo Mumma is so phat, that DJ Sebastian Wolfe sampled her

Bloody stay-at-home DNA. All the bright ones in your country wandered over here or settled in Normandy, apparently. =b

Arguing over interpretations of game rules clearly doesn't belong on a game focused newsgroup, as I'm normally right but everyone else refuses to see my creative interpretation of the rules as the brilliantg insights they are, preferring to use a grammatical analysis of what is printed in official sources.

Copyright's an evil plot invented by the jewish gays who run hollywood.

Maybe it would be best if I just kept noob status for a bit longer. A buggering I could handle but skinned knees... Gods men you are barbaric...

He shows all the magnificent traits that define homo sapiens, especially the homo part, closet style and in full denial.

This doesnt really count, after the ass rapings he's received in here, he's as wide as a railroad tunnel, you might as well stick your member out the window. If for nothing else then to see the looks on the neighbours faces. Thats when neighbours become good friends.

Gav Thorpe has a Hitler mustache. Looks like Er!k has got a new leader.

i'm taking my newsgroup with me when i die... it's going to be buried next to me with all of my oop models...

I dont know why, but I always get extremely horny when I read your posts.

He has the charisma of an eel, on downers.

I cant understand why people keep complaining about GWs prices. Keeping a talent like Gav Thorpe onboard doesnt come cheap. And they have to keep the talent happy. They probably learned that after dropping the ball with Mike McVey. A talent like that splitting after having created minis that could be compared to pieces of modern art. Must have hurt them pretty bad when he went on to bigger and better things. Guy's practically a household name these days. So its only fair that we pay the price to keep Gav onboard and happy, after all it's us who reap the benefits of having him work for GW. Wouldn't risk him quitting especially now that he's going to improve on another game of theirs. New, better, improved and witty fluff, thorough playtesting and proof reading of products, it all mounts up you know. So I say, pay and be happy about it, see what your money is getting you.

I thought it was the FUCKING Steam tank? Or has the official spelling changed and I have to change my AB files again?

If only we had a picture of Erik. I could masturbate for one, nay two weeks and froth at the mouth as well.

Or what? You'll threaten me with a handjob.

Don't feed each other, trolls.

Please do not eat out of the troll's butt.

Oh, Im sure Das Spoogemeister would *love* to have a go at you, erik, but then you might like to occasionally sit on your ass instead of talking out it.

Charlie sure dont surf, and tards dont tag

Despite repeated attempts of scrubbing the main piece of porceline nicknamed "The Shitzer" it seems the stains are SEALed in.

You should try living down here. By the time I log on in the morning, the questions have been posed and answered and the thread has died or turned into homoerotica.

That's kind of lame. Until you drop 100 in 15 minutes, you have barely begun.

Oh, btw, I'd suggest having your dick laminated before touching her--normal condoms will just probably dissolve on contact with her.

Your favorite fantasy involves yourself, a L*mart*s figure, Lisa Grayson, Cheschire Cat in his/her star trek bartender uniform, a washtub full of lime-flavored cottage cheese, a goat, and 14 large sausages. Oh, and something about yelling "I am James Tiberius Slaanesh! Worship me!!"

You own a 19" dildo?

Not a problem, GW weapons aren't realistically scaled to begin with.

I'm ready to stab Singers in the back then.Who else is with me, I see Blackheart and Mr. Northy are on side. Then I could even change my name to Big Sam and run around like a stuck pig with an undeiably huge penis waving it menacingly in the air.

Alas, my poor keyboard, I knew him well, now full of coffee, yes quite unwell.

Aussie or Kiwi, yeah, we cant lose, they do sheep, & we do roos.

You forgot the last rule, Kiwi Bloke Rule # 13- Never piss on a sheep, you'll never know when they decide to exact their revenge by clenching their anus, thus chopping off your todger.

Thanks for the help. Killfiled.

Erik, take the url for out of your .sig. **NOW**.

Please ignore the sodomised fruitpicker troll.

So someone who is gone is asking someone who we want to go to get someone we don't know to look at something we don't care about? Well we're on form tonight and here's me painting a DA army I don't plan to use. I think I'll go and watch TV.

No, Walmart was upset at me and wouldn't develop the pictures. I've got to get a polaroid.

Don't underestimate the power of the 133+ side.

"It wouldn't make sense, for a midget riding a golden retriever, armed with drool and a short bow to be able to keep pace with a rip-roaring marine motorcycle, now would it?"

"baby, let me cleanse you from your fleshly desires!"

New Marine Motto: "Live for the Emperor, Die with a smile on your face."

Using RGMW consistency the commander would be Old Bear and on turn 3 replaced with John Hwang.

"Abraham Lincoln got married, and look what happened to him! Ok, so maybe there were some other factors involved..."

Sleep is an inadequate substitute for enough caffeine.

Hardcore assbeating? I know I'm new at this but isn't that like a DA mission objective?

"He Who Impersonates Little Girls And Whose _Dad_ Thinks He's a Navy Seal While Wanking To Home-brewed Tactica Articles".

I am NOT wearing purple gloves with red shoulder pads. The fashion police would take away my gay license.

Ghandi's had more sex than me.

No shit? I already asked Erik if this is him, and mysteriously circumventing his infallible killfile, quoth the Floridiot: No.

This guy is certainly the dude of the retards.

I keep wondering why being call a pile of sticks used for kindling is an insult.

I would suggest that responsible people in charge of their own destinies know exactly what happens when you go projecting negative energy into the Universe. I'd also suggest to you that just because some doesn't go around claiming to be a witch, it doesn't mean that they're not perfectly capable of exerting as much power in the psychic\spiritual realm as they are in the material. I'd remind you that "occult" [basically] means hidden, and occult power would be passed down through the generations based on temperament and ability. What I would point out is that silly women that scream to the world that they are witches - are most definately not.

I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

Wicca: religion followed by the pathetic limpwristed wannabe witches that get served as snacks at black metal concerts...

maybe they will get together, have lesbian sex while i hit them with my "projected issues"...

Each of you personalities really should keep each other informed as to what the others are doing

I am Jack's excessive tact.

I hear the Necrons battle-cry is "KA-CHING!"

Seriously is this some kind of inside joke? I have done NOTHING idiotic!

Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Violation! Just another average Sunday afternoon in the Setzer household.

I understand that exactly. I prefer women, but when I'm bored just about anything will do. My standards go as follows (high numbers represent higher degrees of boredom): 1. Attractive women, 2. Ugly or fat women 3. Ugly and fat women, 4. Attractive men, 5. Ugly or fat men, 6. Ugly and fat men, 7. Animals, 8. You don't want to know

" rules wise you can either ignore them on the rank and file models or pretend the purity seals are really dog show ribbons. Though I'm not really sure what the rules are for having the Best In Show upgrade..."

BTW, given the usual content on this NG I'm a bit surprised that no one responded with some sort of leg-humping/ass-sniffing comment.

We only use inhuman brutality when it's comically appropriate.

Poisoning the enemy's water supply by throwing a rotten corpse into a well is illegal. I guess it applies here, too.

I think I'll write some rules of my own and start carving Space Marines out of soap.

And in Erikland everyone gets anally pleasured.

trooper: Sir when are the Newbies going to get here? Sgt: Bugger the Newbies, we don't need them... trooper: they are being led by VS Gaskins sir! Sgt: well that takes care of the Buggery anyway...

I don't see how Human Waste Management could be considered an insult when I'm talking about joining Human Resources. I'm just trying to decide which is a dirtier job

If you were vegan, you would have to spit...

A scalpel? That's not in my wanking manual, maybe you have the special extended edition on "Masturbation for Sadists".

You're not the real Bill Shatner, he'd have paused at least twice in that sentence more like Squat...on *this*, you... bitch!

I bet it is hard though, to be an annoyance. Wherever you go, people laugh at you, ridicule your fowl stench and talk about you behind your back. To have women laugh at the sight of your small penis, and then try and feel better about yourself by coming into a newsgroup and taking it out on others is simply pathetic.

"Wearing bright-red armour on a desert planet or bright blue armour on an ice planet or yellow armour in a jungle, proclaims louder than any words: 'Here I am, I have half the brains of a mango, come and get me!'"

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