Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Outtakes: April 2007

> You know, I had a point-by-point response all typed up, too. When it was done, I looked it over, and deleted it. It just seemed too caustic, and I didn't want to flame.

This from one of the regulars here? Remind me to start marketing ice skates in hell. :-)

as a reader of RGMW I can empathise with what happens without toilet training.........

and the bumper stickers:
  • 'Honk if you love the Emperor'
  • 'I only break for Titans'
  • 'How do you like my tank shocking? Dial 1-800-EMPEROR'
  • 'My other vehicle is a Warhound'
  • 'Little Machine God On Board'
  • 'If You Can't See my Sponsons, My Lascannon Can't See You!'
  • 'I wouldn't be caught dead with a Necron'
  • 'Few Sisters of Battle Admit their age, Few Space Marines Act Theirs'
  • 'I like Orks - they taste just like Chicken'
  • 'Happiness is a belt-fed bolter'
  • 'All Librarians present, raise my hand'
  • Eldar do it in skimmers
  • Freem if you love Marines
  • I (heart) Horus
  • My Primach went to Armageddon and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker.
  • If your this close, my MultiMelta can hit you.
> decided I want an Ogre Kingdoms army, but I have no idea why.

It's the man-boobs.

I ignore it in the spirit of tolerance and brotherhood that RGMW embodies ;-)

Well, I do try to read something OTHER than the witch-hunter codex. And I'm only reading the new Dark Angel's codex 'cause I've been hired to paint the army... That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

> I can't help it. I play Orks. By definition that makes me a sado-masichist.

or just unwashed.

> Oh don't feel bad, I never did love you... and as I remember I said it from over the phone, it was special to me because I wasn't there with you... ;)

So who exactly was it in the back of the donkey costume?

Then I got to this line and lost it entirely. Bravo, sir.

in a fit of rage I destroyed my Daimyo since it is (to be nice about it) a PIECE OF SHIT, worst fucking sculpt ever, it makes L*m*rt*s look like the statue of David.

with enough modeling you can make him look good. then again with enough modeling you can make anything short of nagash look good.

Tank love and Ordinance envy does terrible things, even to a man in a dress.

> i havent even grown an inch.

And you wonder why you can't keep a woman?

>> Lemartes
> GG on killing the thread there champ. Now nothing will save it.
Lemartes is a Nazi? Who knew...

We had a context once, but no one bothered entering because Hwang kept changing the rules...

No, I don't have a post. I just felt a need to make the subject of the thread less ambiguous.
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