Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Special Effects in Warhammer 40K: The Laser Russ

By Steve Satak

Front quarter view of a Leman Russ equipped with a laser pointer, sound and lights in the lascannon and heavy bolters, and a phased array radar.

The radar is lit, and is mounted on the back of the turret. Bolters and Lascannons

Another view from the left side. The radar lights chase each other around the radar dome. Note the material removed to reveal the bogies.

This close-up shows the heavy bolter LED is concealed inside the barrel. This was something I was told had to be done for the model to score points at a Tournament.   Note the additional detail afforded by revealing the bogies.

As you can see, the battle cannon laser actually works (actuated by my son John, who at 6 is eager to help Daddy with his tanks!)

Final rear view of the tank, showing the location of the radar dome and the exhaust stacks. The ammo box at the back conceals a slide switch, which, depending on its position, allows you to press a single button in order to fire the lascannon OR the heavy bolters.

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