Specialised Model Paints

HMG Paints of Manchester

Originally marketed by Games Workshop in a flip top bottle these paints have reappeared under the Coat D'Arms and Foundry Paint System brands.  Both can be found mail order on the Internet.  FPS from Foundry's web site.


Vallejo make several ranges of model paints.  "Model Color" aimed at they historical modeller and "Game Color" aimed at the fantasy and science fiction gaming market.  they all come in dropper bottles handy for dispensing just the right amount of paint.  You do need to make sure you keep the nozzle clean though or you can end up with a surprise.
Vallejo can be found mail order on the Internet and it many Hobby stores.

Ral Partha

Once common Ral Partha paints are now being manufactured again by Ironwind Metals.  They can be found mail order on the Internet and from Ironwind Metals.

Reaper Pro

Reaper Miniatures make a range of paints to compliment their miniatures.  They even have a gruesome severed head-shaped agitator in every bottle


Widely available Tamiya have a range of acrylic model paints.  Mostly suitable for vehicles as they tend to form a 'skin' quickly.


A large number of people started painting miniatures with Humbrol enamel model paints, but they also have a range of acrylic paints.


Testors have Model Master, Floquil, Poly Scale and other ranges.

Other Acrylic Model Paints.

Gunze Sanyo, Armory.

Artists Paints

Windsor and Newton

Windsor and Newton make ranges of paints useful to model painters because of their depth of colour.  They also make good brushes and inks.


Craft Paints


Delta make a range of craft paints called Ceramcoat.


Plaid makes a range of craft acrylics such as Apple Barrel and Folk Art.  These tend to be far cheaper and more readily available than model paints.  Even if you don't use them for miniatures they're a great paint for basing and scenery painting.