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RGMW Mini-FAQ or how to avoid being flamed.

This mini-FAQ is a direct descendent of a mini-FAQ written and posted for years by Blank Dave and Alistair Hutton. It has been rewritten to avoid infringing on any copyright held by those two fine gentlemen and to bring it up to date.

What to do.

1. Read the FAQ.
If you are new to the group please read the full FAQ at
or when it is autoposted to the group.
It contains an expanded set of answers on getting value out of this news

2. Learn about Usenet.
RGMW is just like many of the newsgroups. Check out
and .
NNQ has a web site at http://members.fortunecity.com/nnqweb/

3. Apologise if you make a mistake.
If you make a mistake or say something stupid, apologise as quickly as you can. It will create a good deal of respect for you with the other posters and make your posting life easier.

4. Learn to use the Usenet Archive.
Learn to use the Usenet archive at and search for previous threads before asking a question that has probably been asked many times before.

5. Learn to use a search engine.
Learn to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Don't expect the other member of the group to do your work for you.

6. Check your punctuation, spelling and grammar.
A newsgroup is a written forum, good writing is essential to being understood. Usenet is also a global medium, good English is essential to allow everyone to participate.

7. Post and Wait.
Usenet is not a chat room or IM session. Posts don't propagate instantly. Post and wait. Don't post the same message over and over, and don't hijack other threads because no one has replied to you.

8. Learn to recognise a dead or dying thread.
Sometimes it's better to let a thread die than prolong the agony. If you're like a dog with a bone you may just find yourself in everyone's kill file.

9. Learn to quote correctly.
Don't top post. Don't post your entire response at the bottom of a post without snipping extraneous text, making the post longer and longer causing people to scroll down all the time. Learn how to post inline and could just the material you are replying to. NNQ has an excellent guide here.

10. Learn to use a Kill file.
There are plenty of arseholes on Usenet just like real life, if you can't stop yourself replying to them learn to use a kill file. You'll make yourself look smarter. Check out for information on how to use kill files with various newsreaders.

What not to do

1. Don't post binaries.
RGMW is not a binary group, do not post binaries to it. This means text only. In any event most servers will filter out binaries in a text group.

2. Don't ask for common web addresses.
Do your own homework. If you can't work out what Games Workshop's URL is, use a search engine.

3. Don't annoy the regulars.
No poster is perfect but the regulars have been using the group for a long time and are bound to have a lot of friends. Pissing of the regulars will quickly devalue your experience of the news group and you may never recover any credibility.

4. Don't ask a question without giving any specific information.
Feel free to ask questions, but make sure you provide enough information to help answer your question. For example if you want help creating an army lists, include which miniatures you already own, which you'd like to own, which miniatures you hate, and what theme you may be considering for your army.

5. Don't post on these topics
Don't post on these topics: splitting the newsgroup, race, sex, gender or sexual orientation, religion, gun control, nationalist or patriotic themes, Games Workshop's business model, requiring painted miniatures, copyright and theft of IP issues.

You may think you're smart enough to discuss these subjects but chances are you're not and you'll end up severely flamed.

6. Don't ask us to reply to
If you want to have a discussion do it on the news group, don't ask us to reply to you via e-mail or on a web forum. If you don't want to give us your time, we sure as hell aren't going to give you ours.

7. Don't ask "can you make me an army list for"
Once again we won't do your homework for you. If you want help then ask specific questions.

8. Don't repeat the same thing over and over
Be wise enough to realise when people disagree or aren't interested in what you have to say. Repeating yourself makes you look foolish, not your audience.

9. Don't post in HTML
Don't post in HTML, RGMW is a news group not a web page. News groups predate what you probably think of as the Internet.

10. Don't spam the news groups.
Don't spam RGMW. It's rude and annoying. It won't get you business and will get you a lot of complaints to your ISP.